Tips Not To Give In To Your Sugar Cravings

Do you really, really need it? Ask yourself a moment when you walk to the cupboard to grab chocolate, cookies or chips. Allow literally a moment stop and ask yourself whether the sugars you able to make the point really take care of you which you feel better?

Take fewer carbohydrates and sugars during the day. Less carbohydrates and sugars during the day = less appetite in the evening. Carbohydrates satisfy your hunger only temporarily and you never get the feeling that you are really full. You therefore exchange the unhealthy carbohydrates and sugars for healthy fats and proteins. This tip works super well, because I get to hear this daily through emails from women who follow my low-carb 50-day program. They all say they no longer have a sweet appetite

Sleeping well helps against sweet cravings. By going to bed on time you have less appetite for sweet. Because if you sleep little, there is less leptin in your blood. Leptin is a substance that ensures that you are full. Instead of leptin, ghrelin is produced due to sleep deprivation. This substance promotes your appetite. So you are more hungry, but you are less full!

Do a detox cure. It is generally known that if you follow a detox cure , you will kick off your sugar addiction. This is because these smoothies are super clean. Moreover, detoxing is very healthy for your body.

Take a cup of herbal tea. A cup of herbal tea (without sugar of course) or a glass of water with mint in the evening will satisfy your appetite. Drinking is very good anyway if you want to satisfy your hunger. You will be full of it faster and the waste in your body will be removed better. Try to drink water all day long - at least 2 liters! You Know also this Blog - YourBraintips?

Do you want to quit sugar altogether? Then read our extensive article about following a sugar-free diet !

Allow yourself to sin. Schedule a cheat day a week to sin. On this cheatday you can have a cake with coffee, a bowl of chips in the evening or a sandwich 'unhealthy'. Really plan this and grant it to yourself. It is good for you to have a very high calorie intake from time to time.

Eat enough during the day. Not only enough food during the evening meal prevents snacking in the evening . It is important that you eat enough throughout the day! If you eat too little in one day, your blood sugar level can be very low (even immediately after dinner). Because of this your body needs energy, so needs sweets. Sufficient food during the day ensures that you keep your blood sugar level in balance.

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